Live, Laugh, Love…

Each day as night falls and darkness surrounds us, I turn on these lights (flameless candles) and reflect on the words emblazoned upon them. No matter what form of craziness ensues in the outer world, we always have the right to choose to live (fully), laugh and love. In this house, not only are those words viewed as unalienable rights but also as a top priority. Wishing you all a life full of love and laughter. I can’t imagine anything better.


The Collector 

I gather songs and words from voices unheard and from hearts that are too shy to share them

They have wisdom untold for all to behold if only we’ve the good sense to hear them

I collect all kinds of dreams both scary and serene because both hold their own kind of beauty

None are unworthy and all should be shared and doing so is seen as my duty

I take in the prayers from all of the sayers who for some reason are unwilling to pray them.

They’re held in my hands and offered with love to the winged ones who come down to get them.

It may not seem much but it’s my own special touch in a world that’s heavy with grief

So I do what I can for each woman and man regardless of what they believe.

These things I collect I do dearly protect all the while that they’re in my protection

I bless them and treasure them before sending them on each in the proper direction

What becomes of them then is unknown to me though I do have a theory or two

Perhaps they’re returned as lessons to be learned by the person from whose mind they grew.

And what about me, you’ll be asking me now and I’ll answer you truly, I swear

I’m also a dreamer, a singer and a pray-er with plenty of lessons to bear

And so it is that we learn through each other throughout this grand journey called Life

But I chose to be a collector for all in hopes of reducing your strife

It’s my gift to you
It’s the least I can do
In a world where hearts are so heavy

I’ll come if you call
And gather up all
Of your burdens if only you’ll let me.

Onward goes the Journey

My normally buoyant heart is a bit heavy in my chest today. Had to leave a several week notice with the family I’ve been working for as a caregiver and essentially let them know that my time there is done. Several reasons factoring into my departure but mainly the chronic health issues I’ve been dealing with along with a new diagnosis. So many feelings wrapped up in this and now I feel like I’m floating aimlessly on a current that has no destination. 

I really loved the sense of purpose my position there gave me and though it was challenging and difficult at times, it was also something that I treasured a great deal. 

So, I’ll let myself drift for a while until I reach the shores of my next grand adventure career wise. It may have to be something other than my beloved field of home health care that I’ve enjoyed for over 20 years. Surely someone out there can benefit from a silly, loving, humorous person such as myself…

I’ll be forever grateful for my time there and humbled by the fact that they allowed me into their lives in such an intimate way. It’s not easy for people to allow someone into their home, their life and eventually their heart and yet they did all that… with me.  Humbled and blessed… that’s all I can say.
And now, once again, onward I go, into the great unknown with the certainty that eventually I’ll be gently washed ashore in a place and time where I can be of service to someone in need. Can’t wait to meet them. ❤

If We Must Have a Leader, Let Love Rule

Dear Prospective Pacifists,

So many throughout this great country and indeed throughout our entire wonderful world are angry, frustrated, scared and confused. Rightfully so I’d say, what with the state of affairs we currently find ourselves in. I believe that it’s important to keep our emotions in check at all times but certainly at times when everyone else’s are escalating. Emotions are powerful things with a life force all their own and they have an effect on far more people than just ourselves.  It’s in our own best interest as well as for the sake of those around us that we do our best to be the presence of peace and love in all situations and with whomever we encounter. This doesn’t mean we ignore the fact that there are real issues that need to be dealt with and it doesn’t mean that we have to pretend that everything is just fine when it clearly isn’t. What it does mean, however, is that even with all that’s going on around us, we don’t have to let it take root within us.

Each of us alone are the master and tenant of our earthly vessels. We get to decide which emotions we choose to take up residence in there. By actively choosing to be the presence of peace and love, we’re helping to reduce the level of fear and chaos in the minds of those around us. If your children, spouse, partner, friends, etc see you looking and acting calm and peaceful, it helps them to do the same.

In my opinion, the acts of violence that have been taking place around the globe have done far more than rob people of their lives, they have also robbed many of their peace of mind. Beyond that, these acts have incited more anger and civil unrest than anything else I can think of.

It’s very natural to be horrified and angry and scared by all of it but we must be careful and vigilant about emotions of that nature. If allowed to linger, eventually they take root in our hearts and minds which ultimately causes us to move further away from a loving, peaceful outlook.

Let us remind ourselves that though we may get angry, love does not attack; though we may be fearful, love does not instill fear in others; and though we may want to put a stop to all of the unjustness in the world, love doesn’t seek revenge. Instead, it seeks out peaceful solutions that unite us rather than divide us from each other. May we each find the love and peace we seek within ourselves and may we then radiate it outwards to share with the world.

Much love and many blessings to you all,

Yours Truly ❤

Wanted: Feline Loving Pacifists

I swear to Buddha, if things don’t start improving in this world I’m packing up my horde of kittens and we’re relocating to a deserted island where I can start up a commune for feline loving pacifists.  Lord knows, there won’t be any wifi or internet connection out there, so that’ll be the last you ever hear from me.
Stop clapping and cheering.  It’s rude. 😉

Unheavenly Bodies 

Dear Everyone Who’s Unhappy With their Body,

Here’s the deal: no one has the perfect body and no one thinks they have the perfect body. The person that YOU think has the perfect body undoubtedly thinks someone ELSE does. A few things to keep in mind: the body is merely a vehicle which allows us to exist in the physical world. Essentially, it’s a meat suit with an expiration date. Take good care of it, feed and water it, dress it up, dress it down, adorn it, drape stuff off of it, etc; but don’t waste your time and energy fretting over every single perceived imperfection you think it has. Get out in the world, have some fun, love some people and if you aren’t thrilled with the appearance of your body in this lifetime, try not to worry. You’ll get a brand new one in your next lifetime, and the next one, and the next one, and the… well, you get the idea.

Love Always,

Yours Truly ❤

Photo source: Pixabay (no attribution required)

Unexpected Treasures from the Beach

beach-193786_640Some say life is better at the beach. I’m a homebody, so I wouldn’t want to be there all the time; but I sure did enjoy it today. As it happened, the opportunity to do a little beachcombing presented itself and I happily accepted. I wasn’t collecting anything tangible like seashells or driftwood. Instead, I was collecting a variety of visual and auditory gems and boy did I come across some good ones… I heard the laughter of children as they splashed around in the lake on a beautiful sunny day, I saw families spending time together minus cellular devices, I heard the wind blowing through the multitude of trees and the gentle sound of the lake water as it rolled up onto the shore, I saw young 20 somethings hanging out with their friends and their dogs, and elderly folks sitting in the cool shade while enjoying the carefree frolicking and unbridled energy on display all around them. Overall, I’d have to say that my favorite discovery from the beach today was something that I experienced. As I walked along the shore and enjoyed the feeling of the sand and water on my toes, I was aware that present with me on this small beach, was a wide variety of people. People who were all different shapes, sizes, colors, ages and some speaking different languages. Furthermore, among all of that diversity, there was kindness as children who had just met shared toys and built sandcastles together, friendliness as strangers smiled at one another and said hello, tolerance of people with limited physical abilities and mental faculties, and patience in regard to the elderly people that were present and moving about at slower paces. I’m very grateful that I was able to see and experience all of that today because that’s the kind of world I believe in and come what may, I refuse to accept anything less than that for each and every last one of us. So, while I may not have come home with any treasures from the beach, I’d still say I did pretty well. I came home with the sights and sounds of hope for humanity, of love and peace and goodness and tolerance. Those happen to be the very kind of treasures that this beachcomber cherishes the most. I may not be able to put them on a shelf for display but I’ve got a place for them right here, in my heart.

Dear Desperately Seeking…

Dear Desperately Seeking Simpatico Compadres,

I understand that the journey of Life is better tolerated and enjoyed with a few trusty companions at your side; but for your own sake, be very mindful of the company you keep. Don’t forget that misery loves company. You’re far better off contending with a transient case of loneliness than contributing to the already heavy load of negativity in the world just for the sake of companionship. Plus, I’m guessing that the latter will leave you feeling far more empty and lonely than the former. If necessary, resolve to hang out with your own awesome self until you can find suitable companionship that’s actually worthy of the likes of you. With the right group of friends, you have the opportunity to contribute toward that which is good in this world and create more of it. That’s pretty darn cool if you ask me and it’s definitely worth the wait. 

With Love,

Yours Truly

Choosing Happiness and Changing Your Tunes

The following is dedicated to the growing number of people who are finding it necessary to remove themselves from social media due to the multitude of sad, heavy, recent events in this world. I offer you these words from my heart:

Despite recent events, there’s no need to put your happiness on hold or assume it’s way off somewhere in the distant future. Opportunities to experience and share love, peace and joy are still here, waiting in the wings to be noticed and discovered. All that’s required is a shift in focus. I understand your plight though and sometimes a brief respite from the world is called for.  If you find it necessary, I wish you well but do come back soon. You may think your absence will go unnoticed but even the vast ocean notices and is forever changed when one seemingly small drop departs from the whole. Something to bear in mind. Upon your return, if you find yourself once again surrounded by negativity, you might ponder the idea that it’s time to dismiss your current entourage. Change the station if the tunes aren’t sitting well with you. Plenty of other ones that are perhaps better suited to you are out there. You just have to find a wavelength that’s in harmony with your own. Whatever your plans may be, I wish you peaceful healing. Godspeed. ❤