Choosing Happiness and Changing Your Tunes

The following is dedicated to the growing number of people who are finding it necessary to remove themselves from social media due to the multitude of sad, heavy, recent events in this world. I offer you these words from my heart:

Despite recent events, there’s no need to put your happiness on hold or assume it’s way off somewhere in the distant future. Opportunities to experience and share love, peace and joy are still here, waiting in the wings to be noticed and discovered. All that’s required is a shift in focus. I understand your plight though and sometimes a brief respite from the world is called for.  If you find it necessary, I wish you well but do come back soon. You may think your absence will go unnoticed but even the vast ocean notices and is forever changed when one seemingly small drop departs from the whole. Something to bear in mind. Upon your return, if you find yourself once again surrounded by negativity, you might ponder the idea that it’s time to dismiss your current entourage. Change the station if the tunes aren’t sitting well with you. Plenty of other ones that are perhaps better suited to you are out there. You just have to find a wavelength that’s in harmony with your own. Whatever your plans may be, I wish you peaceful healing. Godspeed. ❤


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