Dear Desperately Seeking…

Dear Desperately Seeking Simpatico Compadres,

I understand that the journey of Life is better tolerated and enjoyed with a few trusty companions at your side; but for your own sake, be very mindful of the company you keep. Don’t forget that misery loves company. You’re far better off contending with a transient case of loneliness than contributing to the already heavy load of negativity in the world just for the sake of companionship. Plus, I’m guessing that the latter will leave you feeling far more empty and lonely than the former. If necessary, resolve to hang out with your own awesome self until you can find suitable companionship that’s actually worthy of the likes of you. With the right group of friends, you have the opportunity to contribute toward that which is good in this world and create more of it. That’s pretty darn cool if you ask me and it’s definitely worth the wait. 

With Love,

Yours Truly


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