Unexpected Treasures from the Beach

beach-193786_640Some say life is better at the beach. I’m a homebody, so I wouldn’t want to be there all the time; but I sure did enjoy it today. As it happened, the opportunity to do a little beachcombing presented itself and I happily accepted. I wasn’t collecting anything tangible like seashells or driftwood. Instead, I was collecting a variety of visual and auditory gems and boy did I come across some good ones… I heard the laughter of children as they splashed around in the lake on a beautiful sunny day, I saw families spending time together minus cellular devices, I heard the wind blowing through the multitude of trees and the gentle sound of the lake water as it rolled up onto the shore, I saw young 20 somethings hanging out with their friends and their dogs, and elderly folks sitting in the cool shade while enjoying the carefree frolicking and unbridled energy on display all around them. Overall, I’d have to say that my favorite discovery from the beach today was something that I experienced. As I walked along the shore and enjoyed the feeling of the sand and water on my toes, I was aware that present with me on this small beach, was a wide variety of people. People who were all different shapes, sizes, colors, ages and some speaking different languages. Furthermore, among all of that diversity, there was kindness as children who had just met shared toys and built sandcastles together, friendliness as strangers smiled at one another and said hello, tolerance of people with limited physical abilities and mental faculties, and patience in regard to the elderly people that were present and moving about at slower paces. I’m very grateful that I was able to see and experience all of that today because that’s the kind of world I believe in and come what may, I refuse to accept anything less than that for each and every last one of us. So, while I may not have come home with any treasures from the beach, I’d still say I did pretty well. I came home with the sights and sounds of hope for humanity, of love and peace and goodness and tolerance. Those happen to be the very kind of treasures that this beachcomber cherishes the most. I may not be able to put them on a shelf for display but I’ve got a place for them right here, in my heart.


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