Onward goes the Journey

My normally buoyant heart is a bit heavy in my chest today. Had to leave a several week notice with the family I’ve been working for as a caregiver and essentially let them know that my time there is done. Several reasons factoring into my departure but mainly the chronic health issues I’ve been dealing with along with a new diagnosis. So many feelings wrapped up in this and now I feel like I’m floating aimlessly on a current that has no destination. 

I really loved the sense of purpose my position there gave me and though it was challenging and difficult at times, it was also something that I treasured a great deal. 

So, I’ll let myself drift for a while until I reach the shores of my next grand adventure career wise. It may have to be something other than my beloved field of home health care that I’ve enjoyed for over 20 years. Surely someone out there can benefit from a silly, loving, humorous person such as myself…

I’ll be forever grateful for my time there and humbled by the fact that they allowed me into their lives in such an intimate way. It’s not easy for people to allow someone into their home, their life and eventually their heart and yet they did all that… with me.  Humbled and blessed… that’s all I can say.
And now, once again, onward I go, into the great unknown with the certainty that eventually I’ll be gently washed ashore in a place and time where I can be of service to someone in need. Can’t wait to meet them. ❤


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