The Collector 

I gather songs and words from voices unheard and from hearts that are too shy to share them

They have wisdom untold for all to behold if only we’ve the good sense to hear them

I collect all kinds of dreams both scary and serene because both hold their own kind of beauty

None are unworthy and all should be shared and doing so is seen as my duty

I take in the prayers from all of the sayers who for some reason are unwilling to pray them.

They’re held in my hands and offered with love to the winged ones who come down to get them.

It may not seem much but it’s my own special touch in a world that’s heavy with grief

So I do what I can for each woman and man regardless of what they believe.

These things I collect I do dearly protect all the while that they’re in my protection

I bless them and treasure them before sending them on each in the proper direction

What becomes of them then is unknown to me though I do have a theory or two

Perhaps they’re returned as lessons to be learned by the person from whose mind they grew.

And what about me, you’ll be asking me now and I’ll answer you truly, I swear

I’m also a dreamer, a singer and a pray-er with plenty of lessons to bear

And so it is that we learn through each other throughout this grand journey called Life

But I chose to be a collector for all in hopes of reducing your strife

It’s my gift to you
It’s the least I can do
In a world where hearts are so heavy

I’ll come if you call
And gather up all
Of your burdens if only you’ll let me.


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