Helpers Wanted?

​Dear Helpers,

A big part of my learning throughout this lifetime has been the importance of coming to terms with the idea that my help is not always wanted nor is it always considered helpful by all. That was a toughie for me due to my ‘I just want to love and save all the people’ complex. Not everyone wants or needs my help and that’s ok because there are plenty of others that do. When I become aware that a person is not in need of anything I have to offer, I respectfully acknowledge that and move along until I come across the next individual who does. It’s all too easy for the ego to interfere by saying things like “I know I can help that person, they should listen to me.” This is incorrect thinking because I have no business asserting my will on anyone. Their life and choices are their own and that must be respected. If my help is not wanted, needed or warranted, I’m still within rights to offer my love to all that I encounter throughout my journeys, seen and unseen. So, I always do that. If I can do more, it’s my great honor to do so. ‘Love all the people’ goes without saying as does ‘help wherever, whenever you can.’ 

With Love,

Yours Truly 


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