The Revelatory Nature of Love

​One day I decided to change the way that I listened to people. I began to listen with my heart instead of with my mind, I began to feel their words as though they were my own rather than analyze them like a foreign concept, I listened to the space between each word and dipped my toes into the underlying emotion of what they were trying to convey. It was then that I discovered that whether they were speaking from a place of anger, or fear, or profound sadness, it all boiled down to the same thing. It didn’t matter which words were said or in what order. The message lay in the silence, somewhere in the realm of the unspoken. It couldn’t be detected with the ears because they were too busy hearing what they wanted to hear. It couldn’t be deciphered by the mind because it was too busy making assumptions and passing judgment. It was understood only by an open heart. And the heart knew that the sad and angry and fearful words were all a call for love. And so instead of doling out a bunch of my own words, I began to surround people with love and little by little, the world started to change all around me and the people around me felt that they’d been heard and understood and the dense fog that separated us began to dissipate and it was if we were all seeing each other clearly for the first time. And in this way, I learned that beyond the shadow of a doubt, love is always what’s called for. Not once has it been the wrong answer, regardless of the question or situation. So if you’re in distress and you’re struggling with your words and how to express yourself, don’t worry. I’ll be quiet and I’ll listen with my heart and we’ll find each other through the light of love.


Yours Truly 


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