To-do List

Lofty goals for the day: 

– replace chipping blue nail polish with a different blue nail polish because… blue. No other color can compare.

– either purchase a new hat or figure out something else to do with my hair in this heat and humidity. My plaid hat, though cute, is becoming a bit too recognizable and I like to maintain my obscurity.

– remind all the people of the world that they’re fabulous and wonderful and loveable exactly as they are and tell those who struggle with getting out of bed in the morning due to stress or anxiety that they ARE NOT WEAK!! They are STRONG and BRAVE!! Perhaps even braver than the rest of us because we’re not facing that sort of adversity. I know it’s hard and difficult and perhaps even painful but you’re doing it friends. GOOD ON YOU!!! I love you and if you don’t like that or can’t deal with it, TOO BAD. I’m gonna do it anyway because you all are worth it and you deserve it and because I don’t know how not to do it and wouldn’t stop even if I did. 

– love everyone and I mean EVERYONE.

– lastly, continue to honor who I am and be kind and gentle with myself and respect myself because I deserve that and I would be doing the world a great disservice if I went around acting all lowly and “less than” because that isn’t the truth. I am born and made of greatness and divinity as are we all. 

Peace out my friends. I gotta go show this world what we’re made of and I’ve got a lot of ground to cover…


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