No Plans to Save the World 

​Every now and again, a friend or an acquaintance will jokingly accuse me of trying to save the world. I know it’s meant as a compliment and I take it as such because it means they recognize the big love and deep reverence that dwells in my heart for all people. With that said, I’d now like to clear up this matter. I have no plans to save the world and I wouldn’t even bother trying… Anticipated reactions: What? Gasp!! Mon Dieu!! I don’t actually have any French acquaintances. Just thought I’d throw that in there for fun. 😉

Anyway, as much as I love people and the world, I know that I can’t do a darned thing to save any of you because I personally believe that it’s up to each of us individually to save ourselves, and in doing so we heal the world little by little. As some of you may know, I make a point to be of service to others in whatever way I can. In regard to this matter, I assist by loving people exactly as they are, despite how flawed or unworthy or unlovable they think they are; and I support their inner healing process and do my best to guide them to the awareness that maybe, just maybe, they’re pretty darn fabulous and worthy and loveable right here, right now, no matter what. If they can get to that point, they have a decent shot at healing from within and saving themselves and that’s rather huge and empowering if you ask me. Building on that, at the end of the day, the truth of the matter is that we did NOT come here to stand down or play small or be less than. We came to stand in our glory and shine the heck out of it all over the stinking place in the hopes of helping others to stand in their glory and shine it all over the place too so that we can all be happy and shiny together and have peace on Earth. Ok, that got a little silly but hopefully you get the gist. The other thing is this: I didn’t come here to be a leader and I sure as heck didn’t come here to be a follower. To be one, you need the other and that just doesn’t spell out personal freedom to me. Instead, I invite you to join me on even, solid ground as your friend and as your equal because the thing is, we are ALL walking each other home and I am so incredibly happy to know you and to walk with you because from what I’ve seen, you’re all pretty darned amazing. Journey on my friends. See you out there on the road.
Big love coming at you,
Yours Truly


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