Open Letter to the World’s People 

​I’m one of those souls that laughs with you when you’re laughing, celebrates your victories and personal wins, cries with you and for you, supports your goals and dreams, reminds you of your greatness and shines a light to guide you out of the darkness. I’m also a soul who loves and accepts you exactly as you are and wouldn’t dream of changing you. I don’t judge the mood you’re in and I won’t shame you or blame you ever, for any reason. There’s always a reason for every mood and emotion that we experience and none are better or less than in any case. I see them as messages from our mind and soul that provide guidance and meaning to consider and act upon, if necessary. As I tend to be a bright and joyful, happy soul, that’s what I broadcast. It isn’t that I’m luckier than anyone or more blessed. It isn’t that I’ve been spared from the many challenges and difficulties of Earthly life and it isn’t that I’m not familiar with feelings such as emotional turmoil, negativity, anxiety, fear, depression, stress, etc. I suppose that due to my inner disposition, I tend to experience less of that sort of thing than I used to but also that when I do experience it, I allow it. I don’t fight it or judge it or get angry at myself or think that I’m weak. I allow whatever feelings are coming to come. I sit with them, fully present. I mire in them and mull them over but most importantly, I allow them to pass through me. And they always do. And that’s wonderful because that wasn’t always the case, way back when. The message I would like to get across with this though, is that I don’t ever want anyone to feel that I’m telling people to be happy, to be peaceful and/or to love every last person on the planet, etc. First of all, that’s my job LOL LOL, sorry, the humor always has to make its presence known in my life! Anyway, all I want for you is whatever YOU want for YOU. Your joy is my joy. We all are responsible for choosing and discovering our own happiness. I’m there with you also when you’re depressed, anxious, angry, jealous, spiteful, nervous, fearful, etc. I won’t partake in it with you because that’s not necessary and it isn’t meant for me; but I don’t want you to think that I’m not right there with you loving you and supporting you through whatever you may be going through and I will NOT be judging any part of it or suggesting that you should feel or be something else other than what’s present in the current moment. I guess I just have this need to let you know that it’s all ok. Whatever way you’re feeling is appropriate and acceptable and necessary for your particular journey. You may beat yourself up and belittle yourself for it or you may get annoyed and irritated with my way of being but whatever the case may be, I’ll still be right here loving you and supporting you as I always have. And the thing is, you’re going to have to give me the freedom and the right to do just that. Doesn’t really matter. I’m a rebel. I’ll keep doing it anyway. 😉 Big love coming at you, fellow travelers… Always big love. 


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