Advice from a Retired Warrior Princess 

​Dear Fellow Travelers,

Each day, I spend time reflecting inwardly and pondering what my message to the world should be. I don’t want to say too much or too little,  I don’t want to repeat a bunch of stuff you’ve already heard before and I don’t want to fill you up with a bunch of fluffy, silly ‘feel good’ nonsense because it isn’t practical and you can’t do anything with it or act on it.  The other thing is, because I have found love, happiness, peace and joy within myself, I want very much to share it with the whole world. I want to somehow pass around handfuls of it so that everyone can partake in it together. I think that’s just what happiness does. It wants to spread it’s warm glow all around so everyone can bask in it, just as laughter wants to bubble up in the hearts and lungs of everyone around us and find it’s way out so that it can delight the next person. Love wants to engulf us in the softest blanket imagineable so that we feel safe and warm and treasured and secure. The trouble is, I can’t hand you my happiness nor my joy and laughter. I can certainly extend it to you but it’s far more important that you find and cultivate it within yourself because only then can it be authentic and everlasting. What I can do is offer my love and compassion and have it meet you wherever you currently are in your journey.  I can also promise to see you as you truly are, especially when it’s difficult for you to see that for yourself… If you see yourself as broken, I will see you as whole. If you think you are nothing, I will see you as the wise, capable being that I know all of us to be. If you have given up, given in, and decided to play small because this world has chewed you up and spit you out for the umpteenth time, I will remind you that you have a brave, loving heart and a warrior spirit and I’ll tell you that you didn’t come here to tap out or stand down or allow the world to tell you who or what you are. I can do that for you because I’ve been down some bumpy, treacherous roads in my journey too and looking back, I think it would have been very comforting to know that someone still believed in my greatness and worthiness even when I couldn’t. Within all of that, you still possess the right to deny my version of your truth because it’s up to you to decide who you are as well as to claim it and proudly announce your truth to the world. Meanwhile, I’ll be here walking my path and working through my stuff as well as offering my support and encouragement to all those I meet along the way. One last thing: you know that person I mentioned? The one that exists inside of you and is strong, healthy, loving and whole?  That person is really and truly amazing. Don’t take my word for it though.  Go ahead and see for yourself. 

Big love coming your way,

Yours Truly


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