Dear Seekers of Justice and Equality,

The following message is said without judgment, malice, or derision; rather, it’s born of my desire to foster peace, tolerance, and acceptance among all people.

I understand that many people are angry, outraged, fearful, confused and hurting due to the horrendous atrocities occuring throughout the world as well as the significant amount of anger, indignant attitudes and self righteous behavior, right here in the U.S., due to the current presidential campaign, which is another issue but one that I also want to address.

In regard to the atrocities that have been occuring, feelings of shock, horror, fear, and anger are justifiable and warranted and I also understand all the anger and animosity involved in the presidential campaign. Here’s the thing though: when we respond to circumstances in such a way that incites more fear and anger as well as the possibility of hatred and violence, we have now become a part of the problem instead of choosing to be a part of the solution. This is very concerning because right now the planet is rampant with those volatile emotions and we need to take care not to tip the precarious balance even further. Also, it doesn’t make sense that we would choose to respond to an unjust situation (referring to the atrocities) with the same energy (hatred, judgment, fear, violence) that caused it. By offering the opposite (peace, comfort, love, support), we create the opportunity to unite all people and heal the situation.

As far as the presidential election, in America we are a nation that prides itself on our freedom to choose. Countless individuals have fought and died in order for us to benefit from that privilege. Let’s respect that right by refraining from shaming and blaming those who are voting for the candidate that is not of our choosing. We can speak peacefully about the reasons why we support one candidate over another but to ruthlessly insult, belittle, and ridicule those who are choosing differently is truly uncalled for and it’s fostering feelings of separation, anger, intolerance, etc. That’s the last thing we need right now. Part of being peaceful means accepting that others are going to think, speak, and act differently than us and that doesn’t make them wrong or lesser than us. It’s not very peaceful for us to inflict our thoughts and opinions on another. It’s a form of tyranny. In any case, attempting to incite anger, fear, hatred, and violence against those who we perceive to be wrong or those we think of as ‘evil doers’ puts us at the level of the so called ‘evil doer’ because we’re matching the energetic makeup of their thoughts and actions. 

Humor has a large presence in my life and I’m able to laugh at the silly jokes, gifs, memes and commentary pertaining to the two main candidates; but due to the volatile emotions and anger wrapped up in this election, a seemingly harmless joke is often enough to incite the anger of those who support the candidate that it’s about and before you know it, there we go again. I guess the message there is know who you’re dealing with and proceed with caution as well as respect for the thoughts and opinions of others.

I just ask that we consider the way that we choose to respond to events and situations. We need to give careful thought and consideration to our words and actions because many are hearing/seeing them and they do have an effect on the outer world. We don’t have to agree with the choices of other’s but we don’t have to condemn them for them either. 
We can talk openly with each other and acknowledge things in the world that require correction and healing for the betterment of humankind and then we can come up with solutions that unite all of us in peaceful action rather than separate us from each other due to misperceived differences that suggest we’re better/less than, more/less worthy than another, etc.

There are always many paths to choose from while traveling along the road of Life. I think we’ve been going down the current road for long enough, far too long actually. It’s led us away from ourselves and each other, it’s left us bitter, angry, jaded, and cynical. I’m ready for a new destination with a better view and happy traveling companions. Why don’t we give the road less traveled a try for a while by striving for peace and unity? No harm will be done and we’re always free to choose again if we don’t like it, but something tells me we will. Hope to see you there. I truly do. 

With deepest regards and respect,

Yours Truly 


You are the Love of Your Life 

​One day I hope that you realize that the love of your life is YOU. When you come to know that, you will look for a life partner to share in that love rather than fix you, save you, or complete you. We must do that for our own selves. We must be our own heroes and our own salvation. The love of your life is you. You are so worthy. 

Plans for the Weekend 

1). Take good care of myself 

2). Take good care of all people 

3). Take good care of the plant and animal kingdom 

4). Spread messages of love and oneness throughout the land 

5). Help as much as possible as often as possible

6). Refuse to let fear tactics and negativity lead me off course or cause me to stop believing in the inherent goodness of all sentient beings

7). Be an ambassador of peace and goodwill among all living beings

8). Do all that I can to create a safe, peaceful world for this generation and all future generations 

9). Love, love, love, and love some more

10). Repeat all of the above every single day for the remainder of my existence and work on a way to continue beyond that point as well. 

So, looks like I might be a little busy this weekend. 😉😊❤

An Outpouring of Love and Unity Among Adversity 

​Aside from the first few paragraphs which, as a sentient being I found upsetting and appalling, this is a wonderful, reassuring, life affirming article that gives me great hope for our world. Wish I could be in North Dakota to experience and share in the love and unity being expressed there through so many people who’ve joined together to show their support for the very worthy cause of the Sioux people. I’m certainly there in spirit and constantly sending love, peace, and healing around the situation.
The following comes from a post on Facebook by an individual named Herman Singh.

If you would like to know the full story of the Dakota Access Pipeline standby for the full story as I was there on the front lines and have videos to back my story. For now I will say this: I have traveled a good bit of the world (by my own standards) and I thought that the things that I have seen and felt would never be topped. I am a full optimist and never believed that true evil exists. All of those beliefs were shattered this weekend. I saw mass graves, Native American burial sites, and significant archeological sites being bulldozed by men who took bliss from their desecration. I saw amateur security guards smile and hold back laughs as their attack dogs bit the men, women, and a CHILD that stood bravely in front of the bulldozers that wiped history off the map, so that there would be no evidence of these sacred sites; which would surely halt the progression of the pipeline…On the other hand I saw and felt love in its purest form. Over 150 sovereign Native American Nations gathered with whites, blacks, Hispanics, Hawaiians, Canadians. Among us are nurses, doctors, lawyers, government officials, EMTs, chefs, country boys, city slickers, rednecks and mountain men; hippies and environmentalists; bikers and police officers; children and adults; lumberjacks and tree huggers; cowboys and Indians; quite literally people from EVERY race and EVERY and ALL aspects of life. All gathered in the name of love. Once you enter camp you are overwhelmed with love; a special love backed by prayers from around the world that warms the soul and waters the eyes. Standing Rock will NOT stand alone.

A Call to Love – Supporting the Sioux of Standing Rock 

​The time has come (actually way overdue) to stop dishonoring Native Americans. Once again, they’re being bullied, ignored and taken advantage of on the land that was given to them and is rightfully theirs. Not to mention the further desecration of the planet and the land belonging to the Sioux if this pipeline plan is allowed to continue. This is preposterous and unfathomable!! This does not rest well with my soul! Let’s stop dividing, categorizing, and separating. Let’s eradicate the false notion that some are more deserving than others. Let’s take care of our world and each other. Though we may be many, we are one. We belong to each other. May we all come to know this in our hearts very soon for the wellbeing of ourselves as well as all future generations. 

*Included below is a link leading to a petition that can be signed to support the efforts of the Sioux to protect their sacred land. Currently up to 104,824 signatures! Let’s keep it going!!

Charming Charley 

I have a tendency to write poetry for my three sons each year on their birthday. This one goes out to my youngest son, Charley, who turns 11 today. As to why I call him ‘Charming Charley’… well, you’d just have to know him.  😉

Charming Charley  – 1st day on Earth. Even then so full of mirth.

Charming Charley  – Already one. His world is full of laughter and fun.

Charming Charley  – And now he’s two. So much to see, so much to do.

Charming Charley – Can it be?! Time flies so fast, you’re already three!

Charming Charley – Just turned four. Oops! You missed him. He’s out the door.

Charming Charley – Five years gone past. Hey, please stop growing up so fast!

Charming Charley  – Six today. His laughter always lights the way.

Charming Charley  – He’s 7 now. Can’t we slow time down somehow?!

Charming Charley  – This year he’s  eight. He loves to read and stay up late.

Charming Charley  – I blinked, he’s nine. Growing tall and doing fine.

Charming Charley  – Double digits! Now he’s ten!! Still has hugs for mom now and then.

Charming Charley  –Well, today you turn eleven, which really only rhymes with heaven. That’s ok though, works just fine. Surely you come from the Divine.  A kind soul, a wise one, a mischief maker. A thinker, a dreamer, a mover and a shaker. All this you are and so much more. Can’t wait to see what your life has in store. Stay young my son and full of wonder. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder. Most of all though, just be you. That’s all you’ll ever need to do. Those sparkly blues forever in my heart. I’ve loved you from the very start. 

Dedicated to my Charming Charley on his 11th birthday. I love you beyond all space and time kid. For real.

Tales From a Retired Warrior Princess 

Many of today’s gurus and spiritual leaders have bought heavily into the concept that we’re all wounded and broken and fragile and messed up, faulty individuals. Man is that ever a pet peeve of mine and I daresay I’ve allowed it to tick me off… just a little. Anyway, the following is my response to some of that coming to you from an aspect of myself that I refer to as the ‘retired Warrior Princess.’ 

She wasn’t beautifully broken, fragile, or scarred. She knew who she was and she had no need of being a wounded warrior. Sure, she’d kicked some spiritual ass in her time and fought her share of inner demons, but those days were long over and she’d hung up her bow and arrow many moons ago. These days she was happy… peaceful… content… and, just for fun, she had a pocketful of magic that she used at her own discretion.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

​Each new day reaffirms my realization that it’s just so much easier to love people, to truly accept and appreciate them exactly as they are. There’s freedom in that on both sides of the equation. Love says “I’m not looking to change you, I need nothing from you and there are no expectations. I’m just here to enjoy your company for however long.” Love has no need of drama, judgment, or ego driven agendas, it simply allows each person to be exactly as they are. If the individuals aren’t compatible in terms of friendship or a relationship, love continues to honor and respect the other person while setting them free. I really love this type of love. It’s a gift.