Charming Charley 

I have a tendency to write poetry for my three sons each year on their birthday. This one goes out to my youngest son, Charley, who turns 11 today. As to why I call him ‘Charming Charley’… well, you’d just have to know him.  😉

Charming Charley  – 1st day on Earth. Even then so full of mirth.

Charming Charley  – Already one. His world is full of laughter and fun.

Charming Charley  – And now he’s two. So much to see, so much to do.

Charming Charley – Can it be?! Time flies so fast, you’re already three!

Charming Charley – Just turned four. Oops! You missed him. He’s out the door.

Charming Charley – Five years gone past. Hey, please stop growing up so fast!

Charming Charley  – Six today. His laughter always lights the way.

Charming Charley  – He’s 7 now. Can’t we slow time down somehow?!

Charming Charley  – This year he’s  eight. He loves to read and stay up late.

Charming Charley  – I blinked, he’s nine. Growing tall and doing fine.

Charming Charley  – Double digits! Now he’s ten!! Still has hugs for mom now and then.

Charming Charley  –Well, today you turn eleven, which really only rhymes with heaven. That’s ok though, works just fine. Surely you come from the Divine.  A kind soul, a wise one, a mischief maker. A thinker, a dreamer, a mover and a shaker. All this you are and so much more. Can’t wait to see what your life has in store. Stay young my son and full of wonder. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder. Most of all though, just be you. That’s all you’ll ever need to do. Those sparkly blues forever in my heart. I’ve loved you from the very start. 

Dedicated to my Charming Charley on his 11th birthday. I love you beyond all space and time kid. For real.


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