A Call to Love – Supporting the Sioux of Standing Rock 

​The time has come (actually way overdue) to stop dishonoring Native Americans. Once again, they’re being bullied, ignored and taken advantage of on the land that was given to them and is rightfully theirs. Not to mention the further desecration of the planet and the land belonging to the Sioux if this pipeline plan is allowed to continue. This is preposterous and unfathomable!! This does not rest well with my soul! Let’s stop dividing, categorizing, and separating. Let’s eradicate the false notion that some are more deserving than others. Let’s take care of our world and each other. Though we may be many, we are one. We belong to each other. May we all come to know this in our hearts very soon for the wellbeing of ourselves as well as all future generations. 

*Included below is a link leading to a petition that can be signed to support the efforts of the Sioux to protect their sacred land. Currently up to 104,824 signatures! Let’s keep it going!!


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