An Outpouring of Love and Unity Among Adversity 

​Aside from the first few paragraphs which, as a sentient being I found upsetting and appalling, this is a wonderful, reassuring, life affirming article that gives me great hope for our world. Wish I could be in North Dakota to experience and share in the love and unity being expressed there through so many people who’ve joined together to show their support for the very worthy cause of the Sioux people. I’m certainly there in spirit and constantly sending love, peace, and healing around the situation.
The following comes from a post on Facebook by an individual named Herman Singh.

If you would like to know the full story of the Dakota Access Pipeline standby for the full story as I was there on the front lines and have videos to back my story. For now I will say this: I have traveled a good bit of the world (by my own standards) and I thought that the things that I have seen and felt would never be topped. I am a full optimist and never believed that true evil exists. All of those beliefs were shattered this weekend. I saw mass graves, Native American burial sites, and significant archeological sites being bulldozed by men who took bliss from their desecration. I saw amateur security guards smile and hold back laughs as their attack dogs bit the men, women, and a CHILD that stood bravely in front of the bulldozers that wiped history off the map, so that there would be no evidence of these sacred sites; which would surely halt the progression of the pipeline…On the other hand I saw and felt love in its purest form. Over 150 sovereign Native American Nations gathered with whites, blacks, Hispanics, Hawaiians, Canadians. Among us are nurses, doctors, lawyers, government officials, EMTs, chefs, country boys, city slickers, rednecks and mountain men; hippies and environmentalists; bikers and police officers; children and adults; lumberjacks and tree huggers; cowboys and Indians; quite literally people from EVERY race and EVERY and ALL aspects of life. All gathered in the name of love. Once you enter camp you are overwhelmed with love; a special love backed by prayers from around the world that warms the soul and waters the eyes. Standing Rock will NOT stand alone.


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