Plans for the Weekend 

1). Take good care of myself 

2). Take good care of all people 

3). Take good care of the plant and animal kingdom 

4). Spread messages of love and oneness throughout the land 

5). Help as much as possible as often as possible

6). Refuse to let fear tactics and negativity lead me off course or cause me to stop believing in the inherent goodness of all sentient beings

7). Be an ambassador of peace and goodwill among all living beings

8). Do all that I can to create a safe, peaceful world for this generation and all future generations 

9). Love, love, love, and love some more

10). Repeat all of the above every single day for the remainder of my existence and work on a way to continue beyond that point as well. 

So, looks like I might be a little busy this weekend. 😉😊❤


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