Old Pathos Leads to New Path

​We’ve tried bullying. We’ve tried tyranny and brute force. We’ve killed, maimed, violated and destroyed through the wars we’ve waged. We’ve judged, discriminated against, vilified, belittled and devalued that which we viewed as ‘other’ or ‘different.’ Then we put our blinders on and our heads in the sand in a futile attempt to hide from the shame of what we created. Then we made ourselves into victims and whiny 5 year olds by insisting that none of it could be our fault. “It must be the government, or the church, or the armed forces, or those other people, or… or…” Then we ran out of excuses and remembered that we are one world and one people. We all became emotionally and mentally unhealthy together, therefore we can all get better and do better together. We know that none of the above has ever worked. It’s continued to fail miserably every time and has served only to create more of what we don’t want. Some people still say that the possibility of peace on Earth is a silly, crazy, impossible, idealistic pipedream. I say we’ve tried everything else except for the path of peace. We’ve done it all. Peace is the final item left on the checklist of ways to coexist on this planet without destroying everyone in it. At this point, what should be viewed as crazy, silly, and impossible would be to continue doing what we’ve been doing for countless centuries now while anticipating different results. I hope we are not that daft. How about it, folks? Peace. The final frontier.


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