Dear American Voters…

​Friends, I want to share some concerns with you today because the more I think about them, the more concerned I become and when that happens, I have two choices: talk or write. I’m a communicator and a writer, so that’s what I do. 
Starting off, I’ll say that I have friends that are planning to vote for Hillary Clinton and friends that are planning to vote for Donald Trump. I view that as their own business and I leave it there. My way of looking at this is that we have the right to choose in this country. We have freedom of thought as well as the right to vote. Each person I’ve listened to (whether pro Hillary or pro Trump) has made their choice based on what they feel is right and important. I can’t fault them for that and under no circumstances will I allow differences of opinion to cause me to judge them or love them any less because doing so would be a construct of the ego and the ego always wants to be right so it tends to be an unfair, pushy tyrant. Love says “I respectfully disagree but I still hold you in the highest regard and I respect your sovereignty and free will.” Love has no need of being right. Love doesn’t vilify people for voting a certain way. Love does not shame and blame men and women, based on their gender, for voting a particular way or not voting a particular way. Love doesn’t yell and scream and have temper tantrums to the degree of a tyrannical five year old in an attempt to make others feel guilty, angry, and shameful about their choices. As we’ve seen, that doesn’t work anyway. It angers the targeted audience and causes them to stand firmer in their convictions which is a fine example of stubbornness teaming up with ego. 
Now, I know people are angry and scared and concerned in regard to the election, but this is not the way to go about it. Children all over this country are watching our every move. This is what concerns me most of all because so far we’re teaching them that it’s ok to shame and blame people who think differently than we do. We’re saying it’s ok to force our opinions on others relentlessly when their opinions aren’t in accordance with our own. We’re showing that a person’s gender should dictate how they’re voting in this election and that it’s ok to shame and blame them if they don’t plan to vote accordingly.
Perhaps more than you realize, the children and adolescents are watching and listening and as a result, they’re scared and confused. On their behalf, as well as for ourselves and each other, I am imploring each of us to do better. We must. We have to. Do whatever works to remain peaceful. Don’t talk to those who cause you to respond with anger. Don’t listen to radio and television shows that get your blood boiling and limit or avoid that sort of thing online as well.  Not only is it possible for us to have our own thoughts, preferences, and beliefs while remaining peaceful and inflicting them on no one, but it’s necessary, vitally necessary. Every day throughout our existence on this planet, we will encounter people who have an opinion that’s different from our own. We have to get used to that. 
Consider for a moment that we aren’t being provided with all the facts. Consider that both sides of this election have obvious smear campaigns against each other and are using the media to spin things a certain way. Ponder the possibility that we’re being purposefully pitted against each other because a nation that’s at odds is easier to control. God forbid we should be tolerant, loving, and peaceful toward each other. There’s no drama to drum up in that to keep the animosity going. 
Bottom line here, people assume that our country is at stake based on the results of the upcoming election and I’m not disagreeing with that but I’m suggesting that what’s more at stake is our ability to coexist here peacefully due to our inability to control our own emotions and get our egos to shut the hell up and sit down. We have the right to be ‘right’ in our own mind and the right to have intelligent discussions regarding why we feel that way, but keep it there, at that level. Let’s keep our inner tyrant as subdued as possible so that we don’t incite more fear, anger, hatred and discrimination amongst each other and our children. Remember, they’ll be voting some day too. Let’s show them how to choose in a peaceful manner.


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