Dawning of a New Day

​For a while, after leaving my home health care position, I was set adrift at sea without an anchor. Knowing there was no destination in sight, I surrendered to the gentle flow of the current and allowed myself to float along until it led me to the next stop on my journey. 

Surrendering is a beautiful process. It isn’t passive, as one would think; but rather it’s an active choice in which we willingly accept that which can’t be changed. This frees the individual of any fear or anxiety that may come from the unknown or from wanting to control a situation that we have no control over. It brings you to a place of peace. Always a good thing.

As one would imagine, eventually I was washed ashore and I could see a new vista on the horizon. It seems that I’m not quite done being a caregiver. This profession that I’ve loved dearly has now found a different place for me, no longer in people’s homes but rather out there in the world at large. 

This time, my calling is a call to love, although I think that’s always been a part of it; however, this time I’ll use my voice and words to spread awareness in situations where greater clarity and attention are needed. My voice, whether spoken or written, will be used in a peaceful manner to unite people, to give hope, to share truths, to let the downtrodden and oppressed know that someone else out there sees them, and hears them, and is walking with them, as well as spreading their message and making their voices heard.

There seems to be no shortage of work in this area, so I expect to be very busy for quite a while. Oddly though, in this profession, the goal is to run out of work to do, thereby putting yourself out of business. So, I’ll be working to that end and looking forward to that day. See you out there on the road friends. Loving hearts prevail. Peace is the way.


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