America has Decided and Many are Bigly Concerned 

​A decision has been made friends, the die is cast. Many are angry, scared, confused, and upset. I understand that and I know you have good reason to feel that way, but had the other side won we’d have a different group of people in this boat so let’s try keep things in perspective for purposes of fairness. My advice may be unwanted and/or unwarranted, but me being me, I’m putting it out there anyway and to that end I have this to say: all current problems and challenges we’re facing in the outer world can only be corrected in the inner world because that’s where all of this comes from. What we see outside of ourself is an externalization and an accurate depiction of what lies within. Even for the most skeptical among us, there is no denying that. So, how do we proceed, you ask? Or maybe you didn’t but I’ll continue in my usual relentless manner anyway… ahem… as I was saying, we correct this situation by “getting right with the Lord.” Don’t worry atheists, I don’t mean that literally. Religious folk, feel free to take it literally if you choose. New age, spiritual, Buddha/Zen masters uh, well… do whatever it is that you do… lol. The point is, it’s time for some serious introspection for all of us. It’s time to ask “in what ways am I not peaceful, in what ways am I not loving, in what ways am I hiding and playing small and not using my voice, in what ways am I being intolerant and judgmental, and what part of me believes I can’t have the life I deserve in which I feel safe and abundant?” These are the questions we must all carefully consider and reflect upon because therein lies the problem and the answer. The problem appears to be “out there” because as a species, we tend to be so dense that we have to be presented with our faults and wrongdoings to the degree of having them stare us in the face, and sometimes even that isn’t enough. Harsh words on a tough day for many of us, I realize; but if we’re to get anywhere any time soon, we’ve got to get started on this. Ask not who out there got you into this situation. You’ll never find the answer, unless you happen to be looking in a mirror. No one person is to blame and no one person is without blame. We all have a hand in it. So, let’s get to work, shall we? As it currently stands, we’ve got four years. Let’s use that time wisely. Peace be to all of us. Peaceful people draw forth peaceful leaders.


Yours Truly 


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