The Call

The Call
I heard the call so I showed up.
Eyes blazing, heart glowing, spirit strong and ready.
The voices of the people filled my ears, overflowed in my heart, tumbled relentlessly through my mind.
Anger jabbed me from all angles like the sharpest knife.
Fear stole my breath and nearly suffocated me.
Sadness burned all through me and tried to leave me hollow and aching, desperate and alone.
Hatred, the worst of all, lied to me. Told me everyone was against me. Told me to trust no one. Told me anything appearing different was unacceptable. Constantly taunted me and whispered in my ear and did all it could to drive me mad.
But it didn’t.
Because I remembered that I’m made of better things.
I remembered that there is no room for anger, fear, sadness, or hatred in an empowered mind or in a heart that constantly overflows with love.
So, I went to the top of the highest mountain.
I spread my wings.
I stood tall, proud, strong.
I gathered the largest breath that I could muster.
I stared down into the dark void.
And from the depths of my soul I released all of the darkness into the ethers by shouting out a loud and resounding “Nooooooooo…” Then, all was quiet and still.
There was a holy reverence all around me.
And I knew then that I was ready and that I’d always answer the call.
That I’d always show up for my people.
That I’d do everything in my power to keep them safe in my heart and remind them of who we are.
So I do that.
To the best of my ability.
For you.
For me.

Yours Truly/CKG
November 12, 2016


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