Dark Writing vs. Light Writing and Other Meanderings…

This is something I’ve been thinking about, so I figured I’d address it. Aside from an occasional piece or two, it’s unlikely that you’ll see me go “dark” with my writing or my poetry. It’s just not where I am within myself these days. The darkest I’ve gone lately would be my homage to Leonard Cohen written a week or so ago, in which I explore a more realistic definition of love by tying it in with the concept of  “a cold and a broken Hallelujah” as per the lyrics from Mr. Cohen’s song “Hallelujah,” which I’m slightly head over heels in love with and nuts about. Keep in mind though, a good portion of my homage was written based on how I wanted the piece to sound and has little to do with my state of mind these days, although I do think that a lot of things in this world are good examples of a cold and broken hallelujah. I don’t know, I’m a bit overly focused on the song since hearing of Leonard Cohen’s sudden death I suppose. Those particular lyrics just won’t leave my mind for some reason and they have the ability to reduce me to tears as I ponder over all their applicable meanings in this world. Ok, I digress. Apologies offered, I digress often, lol. What I was getting at is that I’m not a “dark” writer but I have a huge, huge amount of respect for those who are and I do make a point to read their work on a somewhat regular basis. There are many incredibly talented “dark” writers right here on Facebook. Much of their work is breathtakingly beautiful. Much of it will cut you to the quick and rip you to the core and make your heart ache for some place called “home” that many of us never seem to find here. You see, most of us as writers write our truth, and our truth isn’t always pretty but the beauty of it all is that the words are our therapy. They truly are our tonic and our healer. I’ll always believe that a writer writes for herself/himself until reaching a certain point of inner healing as well as finally knowing oneself at long last. Once a writer knows who they are, they’re no longer writing for themselves. At that point, we write for you. So, dark, light, or somewhere in between, it’s all good and worthy because any way you slice it, what it boils down to is an offering of ourselves. Anything we put out there for the world to read contains the essence of our heart and soul. That’s just the way it is really. I doubt it’s even optional. If you’re a writer, I’d encourage you to read all kinds of material. Really take it in and internalize it and think about what the writer is trying to convey. Either they’re offering up a part of their soul for healing or they’re doing their best to save yours. That my friends, is the opposite of a cold and broken hallelujah and just the thought of it makes me smile. Keep writing and reading friends. We’ve all got a lot of worthy things to say and you just never know who you might be helping or even saving each time you share your words. 

Thanks for reading ,

Yours Truly/CKG

Side note: I wrote this on Facebook for my Facebook page, thus the reference.


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