The Calm Within the Storm

​I’m sure this (or something similar), has been said by someone before, but these very words came to me tonight as I sit here in my little sector of the Universe where fires have been burning relentlessly out of control for over a month now and a tornado is making it’s way through our normally quiet town at this very moment. I’m very sad for Mother Earth. I know she has no choice but to release the tumultuous emotions that have been put into her. This is the result of the hatred and bitterness that dwells in darkened hearts. It does not affect one, it affects all. So I sit here, knowing that I alone cannot stop a raging fire or an unyielding tornado; but there is something I can do. I can be calm, I can be peaceful, and I can continuously send love out in all directions of this Earth. Yes, I can do all of that. And that’s certainly something.

Much love,

Yours Truly/CKG ♡


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