Wild Women, Wolves, and the Moon. Dispelling the Myths About the Modern Woman 

​Here’s the deal folks, I’m all for romance and glamour but I’m also somewhat of a practical realist. I need to clear up a certain matter before expectations start getting way out of control. Assuming you’re a reader of poetry (assumed because you’re on my page), I’m sure you’ve noticed the way that modern poets are depicting the women of today. To hear it told, we spend every moment of our spare time running wild and free under the full moon, decked out in a fabulous flowing gown, long hair dancing in the wind behind us, while surrounded by a pack of wolves. Anybody done that lately?! Does that even sound safe to any of you?!! I’m not even referring to the wolves just yet, I’m talking about running around in the woods with a billowing dress and long hair flowing all over the place! The hair’s gonna get caught up in branches and the dress is gonna get torn to shreds by all manner of whatever the heck’s growing on the forest floor and/or the pack of wolves! I mean, if the poets want to depict us that way, can we at least be wearing some work boots and a pair of coveralls? Maybe a clip for the flowing hair too… Alright listen, I’m not looking to get on anyone’s bad list. It’s a fun idea and all and I’m glad that women get to be wild and free instead of stuck in the kitchen or ironing in the laundry room or whatever; but I feel that it’s my duty to reveal a perhaps truer version of today’s modern woman. So, here’s what you’re likely to see if you show up unannounced at my house, full moon or no full moon: a tired woman with unkempt hair wearing a comfy pair of pajama pants and an ancient hoodie, sitting on her bed surrounded by more cats than any one household should possess, munching on loud, crunchy, messy snacks from several half-eaten bags around her. The wild and free part’s legit. No argument there. To sum things up, I’ll say this: women of today can be exactly three things: WHATEVER. WE. WANT. And we’re getting pretty good at it! So, that’s the real deal my friends. As told by Yours Truly. 😊


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