The Maiden Fair 

I’ll tell you of a maiden fair

She wears flowers in her hair
She weaves magic in her dreams
She dances on stars and rides moonbeams.

All the world does love her so
Beauty follows wherever she goes
Love is seen upon her face
She brightens up this earthly place.

She shares her joy with the world around her
And cherishes every heart that’s  found her
She lives out each day full of grace
And makes this world a better place.

If you listen close you’ll hear her singing.
It sounds of angels and soft bells ringing
And when she laughs the whole world smiles
And forgets it’s worries for a while.

If you see her out one day
Please ask her if she’ll always stay
For this world surely needs her so
To call us to love and lead us home.

By: Carolyn Glackin/Yours Truly 

*Dedicated to all the divine feminine  souls who dedicate their time to calling this world and it’s people back home to love.*


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