Here’s To…

​This is “Here’s To…” Written by me on this day of December the 10th, 2016. 

*Apologies for the crazy way this is formatted. I didn’t type it up this way and am unable to correct it, though I’ve tried.
Here’s To…
Here’s to the Light souls

Shining and bold 

Pouring their love out

In rivers of gold.
Here’s to the soft souls

Who treat us with care

It does me such good 

To know that they’re there.
Here’s to the poets

Who make our hearts feel

And remind us that love

Is so very real.
Here’s to the sad ones 

With tears in their eyes

Who waken our souls 

With their mournful cries.
Here’s to the hateful

Whose spirits are grim

They remind us to never

Let our own lights grow dim.
Here’s to the the wanderers

Who love to roam

For they know that the heart 

Is our one true home.
Here’s to the different, the wild, and the free

Those glorious souls who have learned how to BE!
And now here’s to me

And also to you 

May we always be blessed

In all that we do. ♡


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