Some day, someone’s going to come along and realize how AMAZING you are.

That’s right, and one of these days, someone’s gonna look you over from head to toe, from top to bottom, and from left to right; and that someone is gonna realize that every single part of you is FLAWLESS.
Some day SOON, someone’s gonna take a look inside that head of yours and figure out that ALL of your thoughts are valid and meaningful and important.
And then, someone’s gonna get acquainted with that heart and soul of yours and realize how damn LOVABLE it all is and that the ground you walk upon and the space you dwell in is HOLY and SACRED.
Then finally, someone’s gonna figure out that this whole time, right from the very beginning, you’ve been nothing but amazing and beautiful, awesome and intelligent, kind and creative, fabulous and fantastic, wild and wonderful, and precious and divine and so incredibly LOVED!!
And you know what? I really hope that SOMEONE is YOU. You’ve got to be YOUR own SOMEONE first!
By: Carolyn Glackin/Yours Truly 


11 thoughts on “Someone 

    1. Tears came to my eyes upon reading your comment upon reading your comment! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that “Someone” was meaningful to you as I typically strive to touch hearts and empower minds/souls through my writing. When it touches someone, I in turn am touched and so grateful. I forgot to add the dedication here on this site but it was intended to be dedicated to all with love. Anyway thanks so much for your what you said and thank you for sharing it. 💗

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      1. You’re welcome, we are all going through so much right now, which makes it even more important to love ourselves, for I truly believe the key to saving our world lies within each and every one of us crazy diamonds. So much pressure and we are transforming! Lots of love and light to you and to all! I’m glad I could pass on your joyful message.

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      2. Crazy diamonds! I love it!! Yes, I so agree with all you’ve said and I’m a big promoter of love of self and love of others. We all rise together. Much love and light to you as well and peace in your heart. ❤

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      3. And the same to you! We’re uncovering so many layers, and as we do, we reveal our inner light, for we truly are made of star stuff and also thick clay from the earth. It’s no wonder some of us dream of the stars so much. And connecting with the earth is so helpful in such transitional times! Blessings.

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      4. Once again, love your words! “Made of star stuff and thick clay from earth.” So true! Perhaps we are lightening up in the physical body now though. Seems so to me. Very difficult to witness all the chaos and upheaval as the old dichotomies and archaic thought forms are uprooted but knowing that it’s meant to in order to be seen, revealed, and healed brings me a great deal of comfort and reassurance. We will stay the course and continue to broadcast ongoing waves of love for all! So glad to know of others who stand with me in that effort. I keep the dial on my heart set to full blast and the station of my mind set to gratitude, lolol!! Blessings to you friend!

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