May it Be So…

​*Dedicated to all beings*
Beautiful friends, I try to veer away from the overly mushy side, but sometimes when the feeling is there, I have no choice but to honor it. At this time, I wish to remind each of you how wonderful you are, exactly in this moment, without changing a single thing. Your soul and your energy are recognized and acknowledged by the Divine presence that orchestrates this world and you are so loved by all. That unique essence that makes you ‘you’ is precious and is to be celebrated and appreciated. So, wherever you are, whoever you are, please know that I’m aware of that and I honor your presence here in this world. May you be forever wrapped in the warm, loving glow of our creator, may you know the full value of your worth, may there be peace and contentment in your heart always, and may you know what a blessing you are upon this Earth. I’m very glad you’re here. 

With love,

Carolyn ♡
*Credit source for artwork is unknown but I surely do love it.*


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