The Joy of the Season by Carolyn Glackin 

The joy of the season is not found in the hustle and bustle of a harried throng of shoppers.

It isn’t heard in the noisy crunch of gift wrap. 

It’s not present in the endless drone of the snow plow, 

Nor even the very merry jingle jangle of sleigh bells. 

The joy, and the very heart of the season can be seen in the sparkling eyes of our loved ones

It’s felt in the hugs from friends and relatives we don’t get to see nearly enough of and don’t want to let go of.

It’s present in the holy stillness of a silent night as we gaze in wonder at a starry sky, the twinkling lights on the trees, and the joy and merriment of little ones as they take it all in for the first time. 

It’s in those spaces, the in between moments of stillness when we’re momentarily transfixed by something that takes our breath away and causes us to feel like a tiny presence in an endless, magical universe; that, for me, is where the presence of Christ is felt and I’m grateful for those moments every time they come my way. 

The real blessing is that these holy moments aren’t limited to one day on the calendar in December, rather they come at undetermined times all throughout the year when we remember to be silent, and still, and grateful. 

May the joy of the season be upon you and may it live in your heart always. 

Merry Christmas!

I offer up this poem to all people regardless of beliefs or religion because it’s my belief that while Jesus was a man, Christ is not. I have utmost respect for Jesus and all beings who came to remind us of our eternal truth but Christ is something else. It’s a level of consciousness attainable by all humans and Jesus, as well as many other way showers, did indeed attain it. So, in that sense, we are all invited and included in sharing in the spirit of Christ because it’s for all of us.


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