The Wellspring Within 

​This piece is called “The Wellspring Within.” It was written by me two days ago. I hope you enjoy it. ⚘
There is a wellspring within each of us from which all good things flow. It’s the very essence of Life, the Creator, and All That Is. We have only to learn how to tap into it and then all that it has to offer is ours. This is why time spent with Self in silence is a sacred duty. Love and knowledge of Self are above all things and once that’s established, all else flows. When our hearts are filled to the brim with love of Self, it is then that we can pour it out unto all the Earth and it’s people. I can’t tell you how wonderful a feeling one such as this is. I can only encourage you to pursue it for yourselves and I dearly hope that you do because your eternal “you,” is so very worth it. Blessings to you and may it be so.
Photo credit unknown 


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