The Narcoleptic: a little something about me. 

​Abstract vision, lucid dreams, daytime, nighttime, in between. Often getting pulled way under, family plans torn asunder. Music playing, voices calling, down the rabbit hole I’m falling. A deep and heavy endless fatigue, no matter what it never leaves. Creative mind, fertile ground, imagination knows no bounds. Insomnia comes with this too. The irony! Oh if you knew. Sometimes up for two days straight. No matter if it’s dark and late. Pressing on against the grain. Getting all my demons slain. Rising above, forging ahead, though I feel beholden to my bed. Taking life a day at a time ’cause things could change at the drop of a dime. No expectations or recriminations. A grateful heart in all situations.

The Narcoleptic 

By: Carolyn Glackin 

Artwork: Josephine Wall


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