The Road to Redemption 

An axe to grind 

A bridge to burn
A bone to pick
A lesson to learn

Angry and bitter
Dejected and sad
Shocked and betrayed
Livid and mad

He said, she said blither blather
In the end it doesn’t matter
Preening egos on parade
No one wins in this charade

The stakes are high
The morals loose
Who’ll be next?
Duck, duck, goose…

You say his loss
Will be your gain
So how come you’re
The one in pain?

An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
Has made you forget
An important truth

What you do to the one
You do to the other
There’s no separation
We’re all sisters and brothers

So before you start planning
Your next counterattack
Please reconsider
Because you can’t take it back

Let that ship sail
Let no harm come it’s way
It’s not up to you
To make anyone pay

Learn from the lesson
Grow through the pain
You perceive it as loss
But there’s much there to gain

Emotional anguish
Is so hard to bear
But it offers us healing
And has wisdom to share

It shows us those places within
That need healing
It puts us in touch with
Our innermost feelings

It gives us our wings
To rise above
And calls us home
To the source of love

And once those difficult
Lessons are learned
There’s no longer a need
For them to return

You’re done! You passed!
You aced it, you’re free!
Go on and rejoice
Or just simply BE.

By: Carolyn Glackin 


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