The Mermaid Girl 

​This is “The Mermaid,” written by me on December 18, 2016. The gorgeous painting is the work of Russian artist Victor Nizovtsev. ♡
Magical, mystical mermaid girl

Tell us of your ocean world

What treasures do you keep below

Deeper than man would dare to go?
Do you dream of human life

While bathed in stars on moonlit nights

Wishing you had legs to roam

To lead you from your liquid home?
What stories have you from the deep

Where dolphins dwell and fishes sleep

Are you a princess in your world 

Oh fair and lovely mermaid girl?
I wish that I could hear you sing

I’m told it’s such a wondrous thing

For now the best that I can do

Is go to sleep and dream of you…

By: Carolyn Glackin 


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