​This piece called “Unbound,” was written by me on December the 16th. It’s somewhat of a departure from my standard fare because I wanted to write something to go with the stunning A.M. Lorek photo and these are the words I came up with:

There are things in life that wreak havoc on a restless soul 

As they push and shove and seemingly cajole. 

I tripped and stumbled winding up all bruised 

That’s all it took for you to be amused. 

Why is it that my hardships make you smile 

When I have been here for you all the while?
I tumbled in a heap all helter skelter

And you refused to help or give me shelter.
I was dizzied, couldn’t get my footing here

You just watched and grinned and fed off all my fear.
I slipped and fell down deep into a hole 

The darkness tried to prey upon my soul.
I cried out for you more than once in vain

But you were busy relishing my pain.
At last I’m finally back on solid ground

I looked but you’re just nowhere to be found.
It seems that when I’m fine and doing well

Suddenly your world becomes a private hell.
Photo source: A.M Lorek


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