Angels in Waiting 

​It’s unfortunate that so many people live in fear of the demons in their head. If only they knew that by acknowledging and loving them, they would soon discover that they were never demons in the first place; rather, they’re angels in waiting. They only need to be revealed in the Light to revert back to their true form. You may think ugliness and darkness exist within you and who am I to argue? Perhaps it does… but try what I’ve suggested here and I think you’ll soon see that even the most vile things you’ve been harboring can sprout a halo and wings when loved back to Light. 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡

Artwork: Found via Google. Photographer not listed.


My Lover and I 

​In a thousand different ways, my lover comes to me. As often as the waves meet the shore does he come and cover me with unending kisses which fall softly upon me like the gentle rains that water the Earth. He warms me in his fiery passion like the hottest of suns then cools me in his depths like the vast ocean. He is everything to me as I am to him because in our truth we hold nothing back from the other. We offer it all in our devotion, devoid of fear, for what is there to fear of the other when we are cut from the same cloth? We two are one as our hearts join and beat together, our minds meld into the same thoughts, our souls merge into the same eternal flowering. No amount of time or space could ever separate us, for in our love we are joined forever in such a way that no magic, no evil, and no artifice of the human world could ever cause to be torn asunder. We are everything and we are nothing. We are all people and we are no one. I am he as he is I and onward we go like this, always united as one in our love that has no end, forever and ever, we two. 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡

Artist: Unknown 

Beyond the Veil 

​The veil of forgetfulness falls heavily upon most souls as they enter this world. This renders the being almost entirely unable to remember their divine origins and the truth of who they are. The veil can be lifted though! To do so, one must travel deeply into their heart of hearts and become intimately acquainted with the light of their soul. When this is done often enough, soon all truths will be revealed and the veil will dissipate more and more each time until it’s gone completely. So go, go now and make haste! Your truth awaits you and the sooner more souls are awake and aware, the sooner this world restores itself to a planet of peace and oneness. All are blessed in the Light, but first we must remember that we already dwell in it at all times. 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡

Photo credit: Source unknown. 

Dear Everyone, 

​Occasionally you’ll hear me refer to us as brothers and sisters. I hope none of y’all are made uncomfortable by that. You’d have to understand my heart. You see, far away from here, in a place devoid of anger, hatred, fear, discrimination, race, religion, gender, creed, and all other earthly entrapments, all we know is that we are one and we exist in that knowingness in an unending state of blissful awareness. I like to keep that awarenesses with me at all times, especially to help remind those who might have forgotten. So I’ll kindly and humbly ask you to please forgive my overly familiar ways because although you may have forgotten me, I still know and love you and I hold you dearly in my heart for all time. Oh what a joyous celebration there will be in the heavens when all souls know they are one!! I’m not one to delay a good party so I started my celebrating right here on Earth! Y’all are welcome to join me at any time. Yes, I said “y’all” twice. I’ve been living in the South for 10 years now. The phrase grows on you after a while so y’all are gonna have to get used to it! Oops – that’s three now!! Love you everyone!! Come dance with me in eternal bliss in the Light of the Divine where we are safe, and free, and loved forever. Blessed be to us all.


Carolyn ♡

Photo source: Found on Google. 

Crystals in the Air 

​Since I was little, I’ve been able to hear and see energy in the air. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but just bear with me as I try to explain in through the following poem. The picture I chose represents it very well. To me, the sound I hear is like this wintry picture with snow and ice. Kind of a tinkling, crystalline sound. 
Crystals in the Air

by: Carolyn Glackin 
From the time I was little, I’ve heard the energy in the air. 

Do you hear it too? 

It’s singing loud and clear! 

It has a pure, high pitched crystalline sound that really is most profound! 

It sounds of icicles singing 

Like angels talking or fairy bells ringing. 

Also I can see it! 

Can you see it everywhere? 

It’s soft and fuzzy as it moves about, filling up the air. 

It’s a little bit whitish but not really any color. 

Quite hard to explain as it’s unlike any other. 

So as I go about my day it sings and talks with glee. 

It says “You are a creator. Make what you will of me.”

Photo credit: Miriadna via Google 

Tales From The Empath 

​I suppose it’s an act of kindness when our parents tell us there’s no such thing as the Boogeyman, no creatures that go bump in the night, no monsters under the bed. And I would have loved to have believed that… but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because sometimes I saw them, occasionally I heard them, and always, always I felt them. That was/is my active ability as an empath: feeling. Problem is, back then it nearly drove me insane. Imagine being a kid and laying down to go to bed each night and within moments you can feel a multitude of hideous creatures pressing in all around you while radiating intense fear. Yeah, plenty of sleepless nights for sure. Not a soul in my house to talk to about it either, short of the unseen ones, because my family members saw it as the childish fodder of an overactive imagination. Sleep, if it came at all, offered no reprieve from my devilish tormentors. They had free reign there too. Often it was much worse as they took advantage of my imagination in that realm. This sort of thing went on every single night for over 20 years. The older I got, the more I was convinced that I was nuts… until the day I sought help in the matter from a local gifted seer who confirmed that all my suspicions were true… I think I might have preferred to believe that I was nuts! So why were they hounding me you ask? To knock me off the path I came here to follow and distract me from the mission I came to fulfill. Have no fear though my loves. I soon learned what was necessary to rise above those miscreants and I sent them packing with a “do not return” message on their suitcases. Haven’t seen hide nor hair nor vicious snarling tooth of ’em since. But I tell you what, if I did, those damn fools wouldn’t scare me a bit. The darkness simply can’t outshine the light my loves. Remember that always ok? And you’ll be just fine. I promise. 

-Carolyn Glackin/The Empath ♡
Photo source: The Seer by Zemotion on DeviantArt

Candy Colored Sky 

​Candy Colored Sky 

by: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo by: Vasilis 
Oh but how I long to fly

In such a candy colored sky

With azure clouds that gently sail

Upon the wings of crimson gales

I’d soar along if in my dreams

On luminescent blue moonbeams 

Twirling all the live-long day

Dancing on the golden rays

The air, I think would be so sweet

To taste it would be such a treat

Cherry notes and vanilla essence 

Up there in that incandescence

And oh but how I’d hate to leave 

I’d beg the stars for a reprieve 

And bask once more inside the glow

Of every color before I’d go.

The Write Way

​There are so many amazing writers out there. What makes them unique is that their words are fashioned by their own mind and voice. As tempting as it may be to try to emulate them, my advice is to refrain from that. Their voice is already out there, now the world seeks yours. You see, there can never be too many writers because each one has something to say in a way that no one else could possibly ever say it, and each will have readers that can glean the message and wisdom only when penned by that particular hand. So, by all means keep writing. Just make sure you’re putting your OWN heart and soul into it, not someone else’s. While you’re at it, remember that the only person you should be trying to impress is YOU. When a writer writes in their own voice with words from the heart, it’s practically guaranteed that the message will be perfect for the intended audience, but when a writer loses their voice, writes to impress others, or doesn’t pour their heart and soul into the words, the whole thing becomes meaningless and serves no one, least of all you. Let your words reflect the inner terrain of your heart, soul, and mind without concern for how they will be judged or viewed by others. Just let them flow out the way they’re meant to. Do that and the appropriate audience and readership will most certainly appear. Write on my friends!! Your words are very worthy and your readers await you!!

Much love, 

Carolyn Glackin ♡

Mighty Rapha El 

An angel is a wild thing

Not all play the harp and sing
Some have fire in their eyes
Instead of harps they carry knives

So strong and yet so full of grace 
Protectors of this Earthly place
The fiercest one I knew so well
Mighty angel Rapha El

The bluest eyes I’d ever seen
So loved were they by mine of green
Chiseled features, silken skin
Strong physique, soft heart within

By day he was a normal man
Who went to work as was the plan
When darkness fell I’d watch him rise
This winged protector of the skies

His name was known throughout the realms
So loathed by every hound of Hell
Demons ran and shrank with fear
Whenever Rapha El was near

With sword of truth and shield of light
He’d never lost a single fight
There was no evil that could best him
For the heavenly host
Long ago had blessed him

And how I loved the joy I felt
Just being near that sentinel
Wrapped up in his loving arms
Knowing I was safe from harm

With him I shared a timeless love
My mighty angel from above
I loved him more than words can say
And in my heart he’ll always stay

But angels come and angels go
Their time on Earth is short you know
A message rang out from the blue
To say his mission here was through

So now he’s gone and yet it seems
He visits with me in my dreams
For sometimes now when I awake
There’s feathers on my pillow case.

by: Carolyn Glackin 

Artist: Unknown