Flightless Angel 

Flightless angel has no wings

Volunteered for Earthly things
An act of good that left her broken
A single feather her only token

Tear drops fall for what she was
All the things she no longer does
No one here would ever know
The parts of her she cannot show

Flightless angel has been shelved
She no longer knows herself
An empty shell of former glory
Who lives in memories of her story

Lovely lady please don’t cry
Not all angels need to fly
We know this is a heavy task
Your loving heart is all we ask

This angel, she will fly again
Right now she can’t remember when
And all she wants is to hear Earth sing
While soaring above on mighty wings

Be patient dear one don’t forget
You’re our hope, you’re our best bet
We thank you for the love you bring
One day soon you’ll have your wings

Remember us while up above
Remember all you did for us
Be glad in knowing you took part
In the healing of the human heart.

by: Carolyn Glackin 


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