Commotion in the Ocean 

We’re off to an oceanic adventure at the bottom of the sea where some merfolk are having a little bit too much fun!

There’s quite a commotion 

Down here in the ocean 

And no one can get any sleep 

A couple of merfolk are at it again 

It must be the 10th time this week!
The love that they’re making 

Has the whole ocean quaking 

And we’re all feeling just a bit dizzy

But it’s this sort of thing that we’ve come to expect when merfolk decide to get busy.
So we’re at their mercy 

Hoping that they’ll hurry 

Though it’s unlikely that’s what they’ll do

From what I can see of them from where I sit, they’re about to start up on round 2! 
Oh Triton!

By: Carolyn Glackin 


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