Into the Blue 

From way down deep into the blue comes an age old tale that’s said to be true about two merfolk who graced the seas with a love that would bring you to your knees.

Way down deep their love shined sweetly, wrapped up in themselves so completely. No longer two halves but rather one, ordained by the moon and blessed by the sun.

Always together were they in the ocean, so profound was their devotion. Upon their hearts was the other’s name, a conjoined existence now one in the same.

Down in the blue they lived out their life, the handsome merman and his beautiful wife. Their passion was fluid much like the sea, sometimes wild other times serene.

Nothing’s perfect as we know, and hard time’s for them would come and go. Sometimes they would draw apart, but the love kept burning in their heart.

With many children they were blessed and several seahorses as their pets. No longer time to be alone in their busy life and hectic home.

The wife, now desperate to romance her man, came up with a little plan. The pets were sent to stay with others, and the kids were shuttled to her mother’s. When her husband came home, to him she said “No time for dinner, go straight to bed!”

She joined him there and locked the door. Their passion shook the ocean floor! They loved and laughed and talked and slept. Then later on the merfolk wept. So glad were they to have this night, to join as one and set things right.

One night alone though wasn’t much. They needed more time to love and touch. From that point on, through a promise spoken, in which desire was newly awoken, they vowed to find time for just they two, to laugh and love down in the blue.
By: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo Source: Artist Unknown 


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