The Mother of All Tears 

​Quite often, luminous tears were seen glowing in her eyes and painting lovely blue trails down her face. They were soft and effervescent, comprised of a divine mixture of many things, primarily an all encompassing love for the world and it’s people. So often did she cry that the Goddess gifted her with the title “Mother of All Tears,” for the tears she cried were seldom her own. They were birthed within her heart for the great many people who were unable to shed theirs. The Mother of All Tears humbly and joyfully did this for them and each time she did so, the Earth and it’s people were loved back to wholeness little by little. That joyful notion was reason enough to cause her to cry all the more.

by: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo Source: found on Google. Photographer not listed. 


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