In honor and remembrance of this beautiful soul…

Dear Dr. Martin Luther King,

I don’t mean to bother you while you’re up there soaring on your well deserved angel wings.
I just wanted to talk to you. You know, say a few things.
It might seem that this world has forgotten you at first glance
But that would never happen sir.
No, not a chance.
You see Dr. King, you taught us a great deal while you were here.
You showed us there was light in the dark and taught us there was bravery in fear.
Dr. King, this surely is your day
But I would never want you to assume
That it’s the only one in which I remember you this way.
You see, I took your lessons to the heart
So it doesn’t matter that we’re now far apart.
I know things here are looking ominous and scary.
I know that many hearts are full of
fear and souls are weary.
And even though the hour in the history of this world is growing late, I know we’ll be just fine Dr. King because you taught us to find the love in hate.
Thank you for shining your light into this world dear Dr. King. You did more good than you could ever know and you sure did earn those angel wings.
Eternally grateful.
Carolyn Glackin

Artwork: Raymond L. Warfield Jr.


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