Mighty Rapha El 

An angel is a wild thing

Not all play the harp and sing
Some have fire in their eyes
Instead of harps they carry knives

So strong and yet so full of grace 
Protectors of this Earthly place
The fiercest one I knew so well
Mighty angel Rapha El

The bluest eyes I’d ever seen
So loved were they by mine of green
Chiseled features, silken skin
Strong physique, soft heart within

By day he was a normal man
Who went to work as was the plan
When darkness fell I’d watch him rise
This winged protector of the skies

His name was known throughout the realms
So loathed by every hound of Hell
Demons ran and shrank with fear
Whenever Rapha El was near

With sword of truth and shield of light
He’d never lost a single fight
There was no evil that could best him
For the heavenly host
Long ago had blessed him

And how I loved the joy I felt
Just being near that sentinel
Wrapped up in his loving arms
Knowing I was safe from harm

With him I shared a timeless love
My mighty angel from above
I loved him more than words can say
And in my heart he’ll always stay

But angels come and angels go
Their time on Earth is short you know
A message rang out from the blue
To say his mission here was through

So now he’s gone and yet it seems
He visits with me in my dreams
For sometimes now when I awake
There’s feathers on my pillow case.

by: Carolyn Glackin 

Artist: Unknown 


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