The Write Way

​There are so many amazing writers out there. What makes them unique is that their words are fashioned by their own mind and voice. As tempting as it may be to try to emulate them, my advice is to refrain from that. Their voice is already out there, now the world seeks yours. You see, there can never be too many writers because each one has something to say in a way that no one else could possibly ever say it, and each will have readers that can glean the message and wisdom only when penned by that particular hand. So, by all means keep writing. Just make sure you’re putting your OWN heart and soul into it, not someone else’s. While you’re at it, remember that the only person you should be trying to impress is YOU. When a writer writes in their own voice with words from the heart, it’s practically guaranteed that the message will be perfect for the intended audience, but when a writer loses their voice, writes to impress others, or doesn’t pour their heart and soul into the words, the whole thing becomes meaningless and serves no one, least of all you. Let your words reflect the inner terrain of your heart, soul, and mind without concern for how they will be judged or viewed by others. Just let them flow out the way they’re meant to. Do that and the appropriate audience and readership will most certainly appear. Write on my friends!! Your words are very worthy and your readers await you!!

Much love, 

Carolyn Glackin ♡


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