Tales From The Empath 

​I suppose it’s an act of kindness when our parents tell us there’s no such thing as the Boogeyman, no creatures that go bump in the night, no monsters under the bed. And I would have loved to have believed that… but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because sometimes I saw them, occasionally I heard them, and always, always I felt them. That was/is my active ability as an empath: feeling. Problem is, back then it nearly drove me insane. Imagine being a kid and laying down to go to bed each night and within moments you can feel a multitude of hideous creatures pressing in all around you while radiating intense fear. Yeah, plenty of sleepless nights for sure. Not a soul in my house to talk to about it either, short of the unseen ones, because my family members saw it as the childish fodder of an overactive imagination. Sleep, if it came at all, offered no reprieve from my devilish tormentors. They had free reign there too. Often it was much worse as they took advantage of my imagination in that realm. This sort of thing went on every single night for over 20 years. The older I got, the more I was convinced that I was nuts… until the day I sought help in the matter from a local gifted seer who confirmed that all my suspicions were true… I think I might have preferred to believe that I was nuts! So why were they hounding me you ask? To knock me off the path I came here to follow and distract me from the mission I came to fulfill. Have no fear though my loves. I soon learned what was necessary to rise above those miscreants and I sent them packing with a “do not return” message on their suitcases. Haven’t seen hide nor hair nor vicious snarling tooth of ’em since. But I tell you what, if I did, those damn fools wouldn’t scare me a bit. The darkness simply can’t outshine the light my loves. Remember that always ok? And you’ll be just fine. I promise. 

-Carolyn Glackin/The Empath ♡
Photo source: The Seer by Zemotion on DeviantArt


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