Crystals in the Air 

​Since I was little, I’ve been able to hear and see energy in the air. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but just bear with me as I try to explain in through the following poem. The picture I chose represents it very well. To me, the sound I hear is like this wintry picture with snow and ice. Kind of a tinkling, crystalline sound. 
Crystals in the Air

by: Carolyn Glackin 
From the time I was little, I’ve heard the energy in the air. 

Do you hear it too? 

It’s singing loud and clear! 

It has a pure, high pitched crystalline sound that really is most profound! 

It sounds of icicles singing 

Like angels talking or fairy bells ringing. 

Also I can see it! 

Can you see it everywhere? 

It’s soft and fuzzy as it moves about, filling up the air. 

It’s a little bit whitish but not really any color. 

Quite hard to explain as it’s unlike any other. 

So as I go about my day it sings and talks with glee. 

It says “You are a creator. Make what you will of me.”

Photo credit: Miriadna via Google 


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