Beyond the Veil 

​The veil of forgetfulness falls heavily upon most souls as they enter this world. This renders the being almost entirely unable to remember their divine origins and the truth of who they are. The veil can be lifted though! To do so, one must travel deeply into their heart of hearts and become intimately acquainted with the light of their soul. When this is done often enough, soon all truths will be revealed and the veil will dissipate more and more each time until it’s gone completely. So go, go now and make haste! Your truth awaits you and the sooner more souls are awake and aware, the sooner this world restores itself to a planet of peace and oneness. All are blessed in the Light, but first we must remember that we already dwell in it at all times. 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡

Photo credit: Source unknown. 


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