She A-Rose

If I could merge into the pink night sky

It would set my spirit flying high

And how I’d dance among the trees

Gently swaying in the breeze 

I’d merge into that splendid color 

For surely there can be no other

Such soft and gentle, pastel hues

Are ones I simply can’t refuse 

I’d swoop and dive and dip and spin

All the while such joy within

I’d land on cotton candy clouds

And bask within those misty shrouds

Whilst up there in that rosy air

I’m sure I wouldn’t have a care

The sky and I would be as one 

Until the rising of the sun. 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
Photo obtained on Facebook. 



​My Love and I have escaped to another world. Don’t look for us here for we are gone. We are off someplace where time stands still so we can be forever young in each other’s arms. We’ve gone somewhere that is quiet and peaceful and there are no interruptions. We can’t be bothered there so don’t try to reach us. So caught up in the music of our hearts are we that we won’t hear you. So enraptured by the adoring look in each other’s eyes that we can see nothing else. So blissful in our union are we that we cannot be separated. Here we are dancing with the Divine, basking in the Beloved, enveloped in the Eternal. So, although we will dearly miss you, I think you understand. Goodbye! ♡
by: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo Source: Unknown 

In honor and remembrance of this beautiful soul…

Dear Dr. Martin Luther King,

I don’t mean to bother you while you’re up there soaring on your well deserved angel wings.
I just wanted to talk to you. You know, say a few things.
It might seem that this world has forgotten you at first glance
But that would never happen sir.
No, not a chance.
You see Dr. King, you taught us a great deal while you were here.
You showed us there was light in the dark and taught us there was bravery in fear.
Dr. King, this surely is your day
But I would never want you to assume
That it’s the only one in which I remember you this way.
You see, I took your lessons to the heart
So it doesn’t matter that we’re now far apart.
I know things here are looking ominous and scary.
I know that many hearts are full of
fear and souls are weary.
And even though the hour in the history of this world is growing late, I know we’ll be just fine Dr. King because you taught us to find the love in hate.
Thank you for shining your light into this world dear Dr. King. You did more good than you could ever know and you sure did earn those angel wings.
Eternally grateful.
Carolyn Glackin

Artwork: Raymond L. Warfield Jr.

Into the Blue 

From way down deep into the blue comes an age old tale that’s said to be true about two merfolk who graced the seas with a love that would bring you to your knees.

Way down deep their love shined sweetly, wrapped up in themselves so completely. No longer two halves but rather one, ordained by the moon and blessed by the sun.

Always together were they in the ocean, so profound was their devotion. Upon their hearts was the other’s name, a conjoined existence now one in the same.

Down in the blue they lived out their life, the handsome merman and his beautiful wife. Their passion was fluid much like the sea, sometimes wild other times serene.

Nothing’s perfect as we know, and hard time’s for them would come and go. Sometimes they would draw apart, but the love kept burning in their heart.

With many children they were blessed and several seahorses as their pets. No longer time to be alone in their busy life and hectic home.

The wife, now desperate to romance her man, came up with a little plan. The pets were sent to stay with others, and the kids were shuttled to her mother’s. When her husband came home, to him she said “No time for dinner, go straight to bed!”

She joined him there and locked the door. Their passion shook the ocean floor! They loved and laughed and talked and slept. Then later on the merfolk wept. So glad were they to have this night, to join as one and set things right.

One night alone though wasn’t much. They needed more time to love and touch. From that point on, through a promise spoken, in which desire was newly awoken, they vowed to find time for just they two, to laugh and love down in the blue.
By: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo Source: Artist Unknown 

The Mother of All Tears 

​Quite often, luminous tears were seen glowing in her eyes and painting lovely blue trails down her face. They were soft and effervescent, comprised of a divine mixture of many things, primarily an all encompassing love for the world and it’s people. So often did she cry that the Goddess gifted her with the title “Mother of All Tears,” for the tears she cried were seldom her own. They were birthed within her heart for the great many people who were unable to shed theirs. The Mother of All Tears humbly and joyfully did this for them and each time she did so, the Earth and it’s people were loved back to wholeness little by little. That joyful notion was reason enough to cause her to cry all the more.

by: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo Source: found on Google. Photographer not listed. 

He Covers Me in Roses 

​He Covers Me in Roses

by: Carolyn Glackin 
They say “to sleep, perchance to dream,” but I say that’s folly! What do I want with sleep and dreams when my reality is so grand that it makes me think I’m dreaming? A reality that includes a handsome man who loves me and covers me in roses? No dream could prove more fiery than our waking passion nor could it kindle the flames more so than our nocturnal coupling. In bliss I look to him with the scent of roses permeating the air and the silkiness of the petals providing a soft place for our love to be made. And when we’re fully sated we sleep. We two who are one. Side by side, as close as close can be. But never do we dream. There’s no need. We are the dream made manifest. 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡

Humble Earth 

By: Carolyn Glackin 

Glowing embers in the ethers
Magic in the mountains
An ever present sereptitude
Springing forth from fountains

A long and lovely soliloquy
Bursting forth from canyons
Resolving all disquietude
Making out of us companions

Offering nature’s finest treasures
To hearts both young and old
Not restricted to nobility
Yet no lesser than finest gold

Bounty of the Gods
Herein made manifest
Reminds us to be humble
And shows us that we’re blessed

For all the Earth’s an offering 
Of joyous, endless beauty
To receive it all with open hearts
Is perhaps the noblest duty.

The Dancer 

So magical, her dancing 

Which brightened up the night
Soon she was surrounded
By a million points of light

The stars were all around her
They shared with her their glow
Which sparkled just like diamonds
Or like freshly fallen snow

Such joy was in her movement
And grace in every motion
She reminded me of waves
As they roll by in the ocean

I watched her with delight
And couldn’t help but smile
For as I sat and watched her
I felt such freedom for a while.

Soon the night was ending
The stars no longer shone
The dancing lady gone
And I was on my own

A certain notion struck me
As I left for my abode
If we spent more time doing what we love, perhaps we all might glow…
Poem by: Carolyn Glackin 

Artwork by: Jimmy Lawlor 

Commotion in the Ocean 

We’re off to an oceanic adventure at the bottom of the sea where some merfolk are having a little bit too much fun!

There’s quite a commotion 

Down here in the ocean 

And no one can get any sleep 

A couple of merfolk are at it again 

It must be the 10th time this week!
The love that they’re making 

Has the whole ocean quaking 

And we’re all feeling just a bit dizzy

But it’s this sort of thing that we’ve come to expect when merfolk decide to get busy.
So we’re at their mercy 

Hoping that they’ll hurry 

Though it’s unlikely that’s what they’ll do

From what I can see of them from where I sit, they’re about to start up on round 2! 
Oh Triton!

By: Carolyn Glackin