This One’s for Gaia

Quite often, we get lost in our humanness. We run ourselves ragged and exhaust ourselves in body, mind, and spirit due to the rigors of earthly life. It is then that Gaia calls us to her. She reminds us to sink our roots in deep and draw from her, to replenish ourselves and come back to our sacred center within. I had concerns though and I brought them to her. I told her that I could hardly ask anything of her knowing that she was hurting and considering everything we put her through. She smiled in that beautiful knowing way that she does and she said “Come child, I have plenty for all…” because that’s what a mother does. They keep on loving and giving with no expectation of anything in return… I broke down and cried at the profoundness of it all. Here was our Mother, struggling under the strains that WE her CHILDREN put upon her. WE who have stripped her bare and desecrated her time and time again… She had no malice in her voice, no contempt in her heart, no moral outrage to speak of… Just love, only love for all of her children who’ve done her wrong. Yeah, I cried alright. Sobbed for a long time. Her love embraced me and called me home and told me not to fear. She said “Don’t worry child. You can start again tomorrow.” But I think I’m gonna start right now. How about you? Have you hugged your Mother Earth today? Have you thanked her for all she’s given without a thought for herself? Send a little love her way if you can. Word to your Mother. 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡

Photo found on Google. 



In His Heart 

Always and forever 

I longed to be in his arms
Where I was loved and cherished
Kept safe from any harm

But life is often busy
And it pulls us to and fro
As it sends us off and running
To all the places we must go

Yes, the world is too much with us
The deeper in we get
But I wasn’t one for pining
Or lamenting or regret

So I asked if he’d take me with him
Each time we had to part
Not in body, mind you
But rather in his heart

He just smiled and shook his head
So I asked him what was wrong
He said “I always thought you knew my love. You’ve been there all along.”

by: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo found on Pinterest. 


There is one who knows me better than anyone else ever has or ever could 

There is one who always

supports my hopes, my goals, and my dreams 

There is one who honors, loves, and respects me at all times, no matter what 

There is one who has accompanied me every single step of the way throughout this journey called life and will continue to do so until my last breath is drawn

There is one who speaks only words of love and kindness to me even when I think I may deserve otherwise 

There are a great many souls that I love dearly but only one that I adore

And that one

Is ME.

-Carolyn Glackin ♡

May we all come to know that the one we’ve been waiting for has been there all along, right from day one. Go have a look in the mirror and get acquainted with the love of your life. To know him/her is surely to love him/her. ❤

Peace Be Upon Us 

I no longer care about the reasons why one country is warring with another, why this religion has it out for that religion, why this group of people believes that group of people is loving the wrong people or the wrong gender; or why people, based on skin color alone, take issue with people of some other skin color. I don’t care anymore. I just don’t. I don’t even want to know the reasons why. I’m done. I am flat out tired of trying to keep up with the verbal and physical vitriol that people are inflicting on one another in this world. Can’t do it. Not so much that I can’t, but rather I won’t. I refuse to spend another single spare moment of my time reading about the problem because quite frankly, I know darn well what the problem is. Pride. Fear. Ego. Greed. Hatred. Smallness. You see, that’s where all the discord comes from. A being who loves themselves and honors and respects all of creation does not have it within them to hate or cast judgment on another. Simply doesn’t happen. And since these problems are so rampant here, that tells me that we’ve got a whole world full of people who neither love themselves nor honor and respect any or all of creation. Quite literally, they aren’t in their right mind because no one in their right mind is hateful. That’s why it’s a disease as far as I’m concerned and they don’t even know they have it. The hateful are self-righteous and indignant. No point in trying to reason with them. So, we’re up against a big challenge here, but that’s ok. We can handle it. I have complete faith in us. We’re divine, unlimited beings and we’ve come here to do great things! Here’s the deal: we begin to fix this mess by going out in the world every day and modeling self love. We also extend that love to all others. Sound hard? Eh, maybe for a while at first… until you get used to it. Eventually though, you will develop compassion and a sense of understanding for these souls who can barely stomach themselves, these souls who have no clue about their immeasurable worth and divinity. You might wish you could show them how amazing they are, but that’s not our job. They have to get there in their own time, on their own terms. Just keep modeling love and self love out there in the world. People learn better when we show them who we are rather than telling them how they should be, and that’s not our business anyway. Not all will listen, not all will be affected by our actions, and that’s ok too. It’s a slow process. After all, the world has an awful lot of un-learning to do and when people who’ve been hateful start to wake up, they’re going to experience immense guilt. That’s where we come in. Now some of y’all are going to be tempted to relish their mental turmoil so let me gently remind you that love doesn’t enjoy the pain of others and NONE of us are without fault. So please wrap your head around the idea that we MUST forgive them! No matter what they’ve done, we have to. If you seek a peaceful, loving world you’ve got to live, breathe, and think that way at all times. It’s imperative. Forgive them. They know not what they do. I promise you that. Had they known, they never would have done it. Let’s let them wake up gently and heal peacefully for the sake of the world. This is our chance to get things back on track. Work on whatever blame or anger that resides within you now because the wake-up calls are going out daily and the souls that are waking up are scared and confused and hurting. Let’s love them and each other back to health and co-create the type of world in which no one lives in fear, no one is unloved, and no one is without food, clothing or shelter. We are the dream makers! It’s up to us! Let’s dream a better dream because it’s long past time to put an end to this nightmare! Peace be with all of us, each and every one. Peace be within you, peace be upon you. 

With love, 

Carolyn Glackin ♡


This piece is called “Us.” It was written by me on this day of February the 21st, 2017. The photo was found on Google. 

You see to me, he was so handsome that he was beautiful. 

His soul glowed and was luminous 

Stars could be seen flickering in his blue eyes 

His heart held a softness like none other 

And one fine day I glimpsed my name there 

Engraved in cursive lettering 

For all eternity 

So I moved in

Because it was my home

And he moved into mine as well

It was the same place though you know

When two souls love each other that fully, that deeply, and that completely 

Their hearts become one 

For all time

Never undone…

So perhaps the most beautiful thing about him 

And about me

Was us… 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡


This is a lament I wrote about the current state of affairs in the world. It’s called “Listen.” 

Maybe now is a good time to listen 

To ourselves 

To each other 

To spirit 

To plants and animals and trees

To those we’ve labeled different or unworthy 

Those we’ve judged as “other”

Listen to the lost, the forgotten, the meek, the weary, the wayward, the wretched, and the wild…

Let’s listen to ANYONE other than whoever the hell we’ve been listening to

‘Cause they’ve been wrong now 

For quite a while…

-Carolyn Glackin

Stand Your Ground, It’s Holy!

You wonder why people take advantage of you…

Why you give so much and get so little…

Why people are always asking something of you and not offering anything in return…

Why you’re loving with your whole heart and always getting burned…

But here’s what I wonder:

Why are you allowing that?!!

Stand your ground damnit!

It’s holy!

-Carolyn Glackin 

Photo obtained on Google 

Thoughts on Love

Posting a day late but better late than never…

Hello bloggers and readers!! I hope everyone is feeling loved today! I know Valentine’s Day can bring about mixed emotions for those who aren’t presently in a relationship. I wanted to remind you that love is not just for lovers and your relationship status says nothing of your value and/or worth (self worth or otherwise). I’m not a huge fan of hallmark holidays that cause us to feel obligated to offer gifts and sentiments; but I’m a very big fan of showing love when we feel inspired to do so, because then the recipient knows it was truly offered from the heart. I’m also a huge fan of celebrating, expressing, and sharing love 365 days a year; because how can such a grand, all encompassing thing be limited to only one special day?!! Naturally, I’m a big promoter of self love as well as love and respect for all others; for we are all, each and every one of us, truly a part of each other. So, with that said, I offer you my love and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s learn to love ourselves enough to heal the world!! ❤🌎❤



Return to Center 

​This poem is called “Return to Center.” I wrote it to show how easily we’re knocked off balance when we aren’t strong within ourselves and we allow outside/external situations to effect us. This is easily avoided when we refuse to react to that which is outside of ourselves. 

The incredible artwork is by A.M. Lorek. 
Back to Center 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
Caught up, twisted

Something’s got me conflicted 

Pulled me out of my bliss

Now I’m in the abyss 
Wayward, reckless 

Confused, feckless 

Out of control 

Now I’m in a black hole 
Dizzy, hazy

Thoughts all crazy

Beyond paranoid 

Now I’m lost in the void 
Gasping, rasping 

Can’t catch my breath 

Adrenaline pumping 

Imminent death 
Helter skelter 

Searching for shelter 

Can’t find a friend 

Could this be the end?? 
Praying, chanting 

All done with the ranting 

I now see a light

Looks like I’m winning this fight
Steadying, staying 

Thoughts relaying 

Returning to center 

Such a pleasure to enter
Grounded, woken

Gratitude spoken 

Lessons learned 

Wisdom earned 
Back to center 

Rooted deep

All is calm

Peaceful sleep

Dance through Life

​All I really ever wanted to do

Was to dance through life

With all of you 

Make a little love 

Spread some good cheer

Sing some good tunes

Dispel a little fear 

It may not sound like much

But it’s just right for me

And I honor your path

So blessed be.

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
Image found on Pinterest.