Dad’s Home!!

​I wrote this for my husband because it dawned on me that he isn’t aware of all the excitement that goes on in our home the moment the words “Dad’s home!!” are called out by one of our sons, as he is still just getting out of the car at that point. 
Dad’s Home 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
Rest assured, 

When those words are heard 

This household is bursting with life

The kittens all scurry 

The dog’s in a hurry

A smile is seen on the wife

For all through the day

While dad is away 

Doing the thing that he does

He’s never forgotten 

No, not for one moment 

By nary a one of us.

Though our house is quite lovely 

And it’s warm and it’s cozy

Somehow it’s just not quite right 

Until that magical time

At the end of the day

When dad comes home

For the night.
Image found on fotosearch.


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