This is a lament I wrote about the current state of affairs in the world. It’s called “Listen.” 

Maybe now is a good time to listen 

To ourselves 

To each other 

To spirit 

To plants and animals and trees

To those we’ve labeled different or unworthy 

Those we’ve judged as “other”

Listen to the lost, the forgotten, the meek, the weary, the wayward, the wretched, and the wild…

Let’s listen to ANYONE other than whoever the hell we’ve been listening to

‘Cause they’ve been wrong now 

For quite a while…

-Carolyn Glackin


2 thoughts on “Listen…

  1. Joseph

    I ask to speak before my people and my elders…first …a’ho my name is it says in the bible….my life has been very identical to it as well… I am Proud member of THE GREAT Sioux Nation…and I have explored and observed a lot in the last 31 years….I carry a lot of knowledge yet I am very young journey and experience has stumbled upon some very interesting documents that could change the world…yet I am living a nightmare….are I wonder if I am still dreaming at times…but anyways they said only the wise and gifted would be only able see and understand..but also because I am so young a lot of my friends and relatives won’t wanna “LISTEN”, that they will have a hard believing me….so I continue down these concrete streets…busted,broken and lonely…searching for the right guidance….father-less like many of..warriors we continue to be strong…And hold on hoping, praying for a sign of Justice!!!!! Until next time I pray for you and each one of your family’s and the 4 the people who understand …pray for world peace ….we need it ….a’ho

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    1. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin dear one! I understand all that you have said, and I immediately felt the aching pain in your heart and was brought to tears. For that I am so sorry. It is difficult to live like that and I remember when those days were upon me. It is quite late now where I am, thus I must rest, but before I do, I wanted to tell you that you are not alone dear son, no – never alone. Your proud forefathers and ancestors walk with you each step of the way. They speak now loudly in my ear. The wolf wind will guide you where you need to go. Trust dear son… please, trust. You have much guidance and assistance at your side at all times. Look not out into the emptiness of the illusory world, for there is nothing there to see. Keep your gaze steadily focused within. There is an entire world in there. These words are not my own but are spoken through me from your dear ones. And you are so loved dear son, so loved… Please try to remember that you came here for a reason. That is all for tonight. A’ho. May all be well in your heart, and may you hear the voice of the Great Spirit calling from within. I leave you for now in peace. 🙏♥


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